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December 12, 2014


The 48th Annual Meeting of the members of Corona College Heights Orange & Lemon Association (CCH) was held at the Association's packing facility located 8000 Lincoln Avenue in Riverside, California.

A luncheon was provided and attendance was about 160 people.

After the luncheon, Chairman Charles Colladay extended a welcome to all and introduced the board members. He also announced the retirement of Phyllis Adams and presented her with a gift. Chairman Colladay then introduced John Coleman, the guest speaker and co-founder of the weather channel.

John Coleman began by saying he has spoken for 60 years and joked it was the first time I ever spoke in a refrigerator. A native of Southern Illinois, he picked peaches as a teenager. He spoke of global warming and that the 2014 data was manipulated to show a warming spell. He said the polar bear population is at an all-time high. The drought in California is caused by overpopulation. He spoke of Roger Revelle, the man responsible for the UCSD campus in La Jolla. Revelle was the founder of the global warming frenzy but later changed his thoughts and said it is exaggerated.

Secretary Jaspan read the "Notice of the Meeting" into the record.

Chairman Colladay praised the CCH staff and announced that the patronage dividend was $.13 per box.

President Demshki thanked everyone who braved the rain to attend the meeting and the board for serving. He announced the retirement of Darl Young and thanked him for his service and presented him with a gift. He spoke of last year's freeze which generated good returns for those with fruit. Lemon growers did especially well. Chile and Argentina has issues but the lemon demand is there and the prices went up through the season.

Grapefruit had a mediocre season. There were high hopes but the pricing was not sustainable.

Valencias started off well but did not do as well as navels. The crop was normal and stretched out but Australia, Chile and now Peru increased competition. CCH is also doing figs and mangos. Organic fruit has also been in high demand.

The drought has been a hardship and water was purchased at a high cost. The downturn in gas prices has made the exchange rates too high for our export customers.

President Demshki announced the changing of the refrigeration system due to the outlawing of Freon. Presently, the walls are being replaced as well. The full upgrade will be done over several years. A lemon storage investment will also be done over multi years.

President Demshki also thanked the staff for their hard work.

Colladay then called the business meeting to order at 1:45 P.M.

Secretary Jaspan reported that 141 votes were present in person. 99 votes of a possible 491 votes were needed for a quorum. The Secretary declared a quorum was present and the meeting was competent to conduct business.

Chairman Chairman Colladay called for a motion to approve the President's report and to place it on file. So moved by Mike Lassalette, seconded by Ken Doty and unanimously carried.

Chairman Colladay called for a motion to "approve and place on file the minutes of the Annual Meeting of December 13, 2013." So moved by John Gless, seconded by Darl Young, and unanimously carried.

The Chairman called on a report from the Nominating Committee. Dr. Godfrey of the Nominating Committee placed the names of the following in nomination and they are as follows:

Charles W. Colladay
Mark McBroom
David C. Roberts
Michael Lassalette
John Gless
Ken Doty
Albert T. Stehly
Matt Witman

There were no nominations from the floor. The nominations were closed and Secretary was asked to cast a unanimous ballot.

Chairman Colladay called for old business or new business. There was none. There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned by Chairman Colladay at 1:55 P.M.

Charles Colladay, Chairman
Susan Jaspan, Secretary