Consistent Supplies
For citrus buyers, nothing makes the job easier than finding a reliable, consistent source you can trust. Corona-College Heights Orange & Lemon Association packs oranges, grapefruit and lemons year round and we are the only lemon packer south of Ventura to have lemons available all year. Our Valencia season is the longest in the business, starting around February 1st and continuing until November most years - a full 9 to 10 months. Check out our availability and see why CCH is one of the favorite choices of knowledgeable citrus buyers around the world.

A key advantage is our broad grower base which allows us to bring in fruit from the Central Valley, Riverside, San Diego, Coachella and as far as the Arizona and Mexican borders. This diverse supply means our seasons are longer and we are much less susceptible to shortages caused by freezes or pest quarantines. For example, in our 1998-99 fiscal year, which included the December 1998 freeze, CCH actually shipped 9.4% more packed cartons than the previous year!

We offer a variety of packs to suit our buyers’ needs: cartons, master containers with vexar, poly or mesh bags, food service cartons, PLU stickers, CHEP and IFCO RPCs and triwalls with either loose or bagged fruit. We can also co-pack private labels. In addition to Fancy and Choice grades, we can pack a Standard grade for the domestic market when market and fruit conditions warrant it. Our labels are some of the most respected in the industry.

A review of acreage by variety for our 2000-2001 season shows the extent of our supply base.
White grapefruit
Ruby grapefruit
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Transportation Savings and Convenience
CCH has the best distribution location in the business. Our Riverside plant is less than a mile from Highway 91, and we have freeway access to the North, South, East and West. Because we are East of the main population centers, truckers can avoid much of the rush hour traffic that affects Southern California. Follow this link for easy directions to our facilities.

We offer one convenient stop for your truckers to pick up lemons, oranges and grapefruit instead of going to multiple packing houses, for significant savings in both time and money.
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State of the Art Packing Facilities
As one of the larger independent citrus packing houses in California, we have about 4 acres under roof on a 20 acre site. Our facilities feature state of the art packing equipment including electronic grading and advanced computer controlled optic and sizer/sorter/counter equipment and packing machines. CCH and FMC Corporation just installed completely new stainless steel wash beds and wax applicators on all our processing lines, combined with new high pressure washers on our orange/grapefruit packing line, to insure that our fruit is the best it can be. Our bagging machinery can quickly process bag orders for our customers who prefer the convenience of retail-ready bagged product.

Our modern radio-frequency controlled bar coding system lets our Sales Department know exactly how much fruit of what kind is in inventory. Packing House Managers can see how a load of fruit is packing out on a real time basis, for timely field harvesting decisions and prompt order fulfillment. We map our cold storage rooms, and our fleet of forklifts have radio frequency equipped IBM terminals which tell our mainframe computer exactly where each pallet has been placed. When combined with our ability to print a smart pick list when a trucker signs in, our inventory control ensures that the correct order will always be loaded onto the truck quickly.

Our computerized inventory control system gives us real time control from field harvesting to precise location of orders, with an average age of fruit in inventory of 2 to 3 days. Our export orders are precooled prior to shipping and are usually shipped no later than one day after packing.
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Exemplary Customer Service
CCH is committed to providing our buyers the best quality of fruit possible. Our over 600 members, many of whom are 3rd and 4th generation growers, bring a wealth of experience to CCH in all phases of the growing process. Our professional staff has well over 100 years combined experience in marketing citrus. Our Sales Department will be happy to answer any questions for you.

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Financial Stability
CCH has no debt and pays out pools faster than any packing house in the industry. We insure the majority of our Accounts Receivable and have a collection rate of over 99.9% of fruit sold. The following financial information from the Produce Reporter Co. Blue Book gives an indication of our solid financial footing.

Blue Book Services Business Report
Corona-College Heights Orange & Lemon Association
0 0 0 0
Year end
Year end
Year end
Current Assets
$8,845,704 $18,419,380
Net Fixed Assets $3,759,759 $3,561,950 $3,431,186
Other Assets $88,830 $174,174 $320,468
Total Assets $11,689,640 $12,581,828 $22,171,034
Current Liabilities $5,532,133 $6,643,616 $16,388,292
Long-term Debt $0 $0 $0
Other Liabilities $0 $0 $0
Equity $6,157,507 $5,938,212 $5,782,742
Statements are audited by an independent accounting firm. Operations have been profitable for the last three years, sales increased in fiscal 2001. Current ratio is 1.42:1 with cash balances $1.7 million. Equity continues an upward trend.
Trade report summary
Report Date
Last Dealt
(in months)
Average Pay (days)
High Credit ($)
Credit Terms (days)
1-6 months
22-28 days on average
30 days
Click here for additional credit information about Corona-College Heights Orange and Lemon Association.

Higher Profits
Our Board of Directors are all citrus farmers themselves, so they know and understand the concerns of our members. CCH has the lowest total packing and selling costs (retains) in our part of District 2. This, plus our diligent sales efforts, allows us to provide excellent returns to our growers. Grower packouts are mailed weekly and pools are advanced when they turn positive.

We have an excellent relationship with many juicing companies. Because we are a grower/member owned cooperative, we make packing decisions based on what will return the most money to the grower – not on how much money the packing house can make packing fruit that might have been more profitable processed for juice.

CCH has had record patronage dividends for the past five years. To the nearest $100,000, they were $1.3 million (1997), $1.7 million (1998), $3.1 million (1999), $2.0 million (2000), and $1.6 million (2001). This represented an average patronage dividend of 34 cents per carton in 1997, 37 cents per carton in 1998, 62 cents per carton in 1999, 47 cents per carton in 2000, and 33 cents per carton in 2001. This was in addition to very high returns from pool closings.

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Responsive Grower Service
CCH’s Field Department knows our grower’s groves and interacts daily with Sales so they have a full knowledge of market conditions and pricing and can make critical decisions in a timely manner.

We keep a detailed list, by block, of number of trees, total acres and yield estimates by variety. This data is constantly updated on our mainframe computer and gives our management real time knowledge of what is available for harvest, where it is and of what quality. This lets us match harvesting to buyer orders so that we can pick at a time that will return the most money to the grower.

We represent a broad spectrum of growers, from those farming 20 acres or less to those farming hundreds of acres. And each grower, regardless of size, can count on the same efficient service and attention to detail.

CCH Grower members
20 acres or less
20 - 39 acres
40 - 79 acres
80 - 159 acres
160 - 319 acres
320 or more acres
Total grower members
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Established Reputation
CCH represents about 14% of the California lemon market, 10% of the California orange market and 30% of the California grapefruit market. We have developed customer partners throughout the Far East and North America and by working directly with our customers we have built excellent communications and trust. Repeat orders are common and we work hard to establish season-long buying programs with our customers. Our labels are well known and respected all over the world.

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